Apple’s New Software: Advancement Or A Step Back?


According to recent reports from Axios and Bloomberg, Apple is reinventing its iPhone software technology after 10 years by focusing on the performance of the new iOS. For those who experienced serious glitches and bugs in their iPhones during the last few months, such as a complete crash or incapability to answer a call, this news may come as a relief. Also, in September, Apple is expected to be releasing a brand new iOS model.

For the last year, armchair analysts and experts have been debating whether the glitches mean that the quality of Apple software is getting worse. Although certain issues are normal in software, some people wonder if the increasing problems mean something more, the concern accentuated by Apple’s change from its usual strategy for software release.

The description of the new iOS version reveals no redesign of the home screen or unique features, unlike previous versions. Rather, according to Axios and Bloomerg’s recent reports, the update will mainly be about repairing bugs and stabilization, among others. This means that while the new iPhone set to come out in the summer or fall will likely be very similar to the current version, it should be faster and more reliable.

In prior years, Apple has, along side the new iPhone, released an iOS which is assigned “tentpole features” to help in the company’s marketing of the phone. These tentpoles are given to a software group who works countless hours to ensure them ready for the phone’s release date. Now, with the reports of Apple taking longer and less time-constraining views of tentpole features, changes in software development are expected.

However, according to a former Microsoft exec, Steven Sinofsky, the ever-increasing usage of software through devices is really to blame for the rise of glitch complaints, not technological problems. Sinofsky says that the bugs aren’t growing or getting worse, but becoming more noticeable as more people spend more time online.


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