Ways That You Can Manage Your Child’s Screen Time


Technology is a part of today’s world. Children are even addicted to technology. That is why many parents are wondering what they can do limit their children’s screen time. Not only are parents concerned about the amount of time that children spend in front of the screen, but they are also concerned about what their children are being exposed to.

Fortunately, there are ways that parents can control their children’s screen time. You will need to set a limit for how long children can use devices. Talk to your children about this before you do it.

Avoid letting your children have a smart phone or computer in the bedroom. Make them use the phone or computer in the family room. This will allow you to keep tabs on what they are doing on the computer.

If your child is under the age of 14, then they do not need to have a smart phone. Children should only have a phone that can call and text. You should have a Wi-Fi router that you can turn off and on at any time. You will need to have a discussion about what is and is not accepted on social media.

You should also discuss the benefits and drawbacks of social media. It is important for you to set the example for your children. If you limit your on time online, then it will be easier for your children to do the same.

Furthermore, you may want to consider setting up a technology contract. This contract should list how social media should be used, when they can use their tablets and phones as well as what will happen if they do not use technology properly. Additionally, the contract should list how you plan to keep tabs on their social media and internet use.

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