Nintendo Switch Whiffs on ‘Monster Hunter World’.


There is no gaming console that had a better story this past year than that of the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch hit the ground running, immediately putting the rest of the industry on notice. Blending high-powered graphics and mobile versatility, the Switch easily racked up sales while incorporating a huge roster of big-budget games. Unfortunately, Nintendo won’t be able to reel in one of the most hyped up titles of 2018: “Monster Hunter World”. As it turns out, not even Nintendo can work enough magic to pull in the promising AAA roleplaying title. Why did “Monster Hunter World” opt to stay away from Nintendo’s shelves? Let’s find out.

“Monster Hunter World” is hitting its full release on January 26th, 2018. The title will drop on the PS4 and the XB1, which both fanbases should be ecstatic, but Nintendo will be left out in the dark. This is starkly surprising considering that Nintendo has worked extremely hard over the past year in order to expand their library of offerings, even dipping into the more adult end of the spectrum with darker titles for more mature audiences. The fact that MHW isn’t even slightly announced for a future Nintendo release is just stunning.

Kaname Fujioka and Yuya Tokuda are the two directors for “Monster Hunter World” and they opened up in an interview with IGN in order to expound on why they passed the buck on going with the Switch. Tokuda explained one of the primary reasons for passing up the title as a matter of timing. Tokuda went on to say, “Part of the reason is that the title has been in development for almost four years.” Tokuda goes on to explain that they had to really commit to certain hardware during the early days of the game’s construction which meant that they were working solely with the PS4 and the XB1. Still, that wasn’t the only reason. Tokuda went on to explain that they also looked at the ‘best fit for hardware’ which they claimed was not right for Nintendo.

While the developers of “Monster Hunter World” seemed to let Nintendo down easy with their development-timeline, it sure does feel like they are still hinting at something bigger — even Nintendo’s best offering in recent memory is still not quite powerful enough to keep up with the rest of the gaming industry. We think Nintendo will be okay, however.


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