WhatsApp Reveals Amazing New Business App


WhatsApp might not be popular on every corner of the earth, but the communications and chat app does have millions of fans. That fanbase may be expanding exponentially soon. The arrival of a new business version of WhatsApp could lead to growth in markets the original app seemed to have stalled.

The Whatsapp business app debuts in five countries: the United States, Indonesia, the United Kingdom, Mexico, and Italy. These five regions represent test markets ahead of the eventual global rollout. Likely, any bugs discovered during the initial release would be corrected in order to remove obstacles to popularity in other regions.

The basic concept behind the release of the new app entails providing a free version for small businesses. To a degree, the free app can be considered a scaled-down version of a social media page. Although the functions may be limited, the app serves the purpose of helping businesses connect with customers. Enhanced communications could lead to increased sales. Customers do react well to companies that put effort into communicating with them.

The debuting app reflects the start of a larger, more grandiose plan. Small businesses aren’t the only entities WhatsApp has in mind for potential users. Major companies with significant operating budgets fit into the grand scheme as well. Specifically, an expanded version of the app would be available. Accessing features on the advanced app would come with a price. Companies interested in accessing the benefits of a valuable app might be more than willing to pay a nominal fee. If paying for a special app leads to increased business, various companies should be willing to direct funds to WhatsApp with enthusiasm. At least that is what the makers of WhatsApp hope.

The designers at WhatsApp surely won’t deliver a dud. So, the new business app will prove popular with many businesses. The app does need to deliver something new and special in order to maximize success potential. The early rollout in the aforementioned five markets should give clear indicators about how powerful the success potential may turn out to be.

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