Untreated Mental Health Issues Can Hurt Relationships In A Variety of Ways

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In today’s busy, ever-changing world, building and maintaining a relationship can be a struggle. When you combine a busy schedule with mental health issues, the struggle becomes all the more hard to deal with. Untreated mental health issues can cause a whole host of other issues, as the experts in the therapy field can attest to. If you are already in a relationship or want to consider getting involved in one, being honest with yourself and your partner about your issues is going to be an important part to finding the happiness you look for.


There are many barriers that keep people from seeking mental health treatment, from being too busy, not having the money for therapy, to simply being afraid of the label and stigma associated with mental illness. All of these things can dramatically impact your ability to have a healthy and happy romantic relationship with another person.

While these are real concerns and real obstacles, Talkspace is seeking to minimize the barriers that keep people from seeking treatment.


Online-based therapy solutions like Talkspace provide affordable services on based on your own schedule and can be taken advantage of from the comfort of your home. You are matched with a licensed and skilled professional who can help you by responding to your messages on a regular basis, typically twice a day, five days a week. With Talkspace, there’s no need to travel to a specific location at a specific time in order to receive quality mental health care. You can get therapy from trusted, licensed professionals using your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.


As the therapists at Talkspace know, mental health issues can take their toll on relationships of all kinds, especially if the individual suffering is not getting the help that they need. Romantic partners and friends can often handle erratic or emotionally-straining behavior for awhile, but such behavior can get tiring.


A lot of times, people with even treated mental illness are reluctant to tell their partners about their issues. Or if they do, they may play them down in order to not scare someone away. However, as the relationship progresses and both parties get more comfortable, barriers come down and you get to begin to see each other how you truly are.


If you suffer from a mental illness, even if you are currently seeking treatment of some kind, there are going to be those so-called “bad days” where your problems become overwhelming or you simply stop being able to manage certain feelings. It is on these days that having someone to talk to, as well as have a good support network.


If you think that you or someone you love may be suffering from untreated mental illnesses, it is important to know that help is available. There are common signs for a variety of mental disorders that are indicators that something is amiss and that you might want to seek or recommend medical attention. These include mood swings, deep depression, severe changes in sex drive, or participation in risky behaviors.

These symptoms indicate issues that are festering below the surface which properly trained and licensed mental health professionals can help you manage. You and your loved ones do not have to suffer alone or in silence. You can get the help you need and get on the path to living your best life. Just because someone has a mental illness doesn’t mean that there is no possibility of having a normal, happy, and functional relationship.


Services like Talkspace can provide those living with mental illness and their loved ones an outlet to process personal challenges and practice techniques to better manage them. Help is out there, and with Talkspace, it is easier to get than ever before.


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