The Sweatcoin App Brings a New Way to Acquire Crypto Funds


The unique world of cryptocurrency has become a bit more interesting thanks to the debut of “Sweatcoin.” The strangely-named app seeks to pay people to exercise. Active persons should appreciate the redeemable crypto funds issued to them. Someone avidly into fitness probably needs to purchase gym gear and various accessories. With Sweatcoin, users can actually earn cryptocurrency based on their individual daily activity levels. As cryptocurrency amounts add up, the user can build up his or her virtual gift certificate bankroll.

Sweatcoin reveals a simple concept that should become quite popular. The app tracks how many steps the user takes outdoors. Upon logging the daily steps, the app adds crypto “sweat coins” a corresponding wallet. The more steps someone takes, the more coins find their way to the wallet. Stats regarding accuracy won’t be questionable. Sweatcoin keeps track of steps through accessing information on any health app that is installed and engaged on a smartphone. Clearly, it would be best to install a reliable and bug-free health app onto a device.

One drawback to Sweatcoin has to be noted. The app only keeps track of movement performed outside. So, anyone working out inside the home or running on an indoor track at a fitness center won’t be amassing any sweat coins. The app determines whether the user is walking indoors or outdoors by connecting to a device’s GPS. In time, however, the program may change and start logging indoor steps.

The amount of coin issued per day is capped at five with the basic option on the app. In all honesty, receiving five redeemable sweat coins per day solely for exercising can prove very helpful to budget-conscious persons. The redeemable merchandise is, in essence, free merchandise. The cost-effective nature of the app should lead to a continual increase in popularity.


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