Consumer Electronics Show Wraps Up With Great Success


Even though a few technology journalists and analysts are always left wishing for more after every CES, the consensus about the 2018 edition is that no one was left disappointed. CES 2018 made something very clear: this expo is no longer about the latest gadgets that consumers can enjoy at home. The new CES is about emerging technologies and how they can impact various aspects of life. With this in mind, here are some of the most exciting trends spotted in Las Vegas this year:

Google Home is Impressive But Needs to Catch Up to Alexa

The battle over virtual assistant supremacy was clearly won by Google at CES; however, the market leaders in this segment continues to be Amazon Alexa, and the reason is that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has applied a very effective strategy to enter this market. There is no question that the Google Assistant is the smarter and more powerful, but Google executives will need to figure out how to get this artificial intelligence app in as many smart home devices as possible.

Home Robotics

Technologists who predicted robots invading the household space faster than smart home devices were proven correct during CES 2018. Japanese automaker Honda made a big splash with a prototype robot that could soon be put to work caring for the elderly while Somnox featured a robot that is ready to help humans who suffer from insomnia to catch much needed sleep through neural stimulation.

From Activity Trackers to Health Sensors

CES 2018 proved that there is a future for the Apple Watch after all. Gone are the days when smart wearable devices were mostly used to count steps and monitor heartbeats; in the near future, smart sensors will detect your energy levels and whether you are at risk of falling asleep at the wheel.

Smarter Cars

The Detroit Auto Show takes place right after CES, but this did not stop companies such as Byton from rolling out their smart concept cars. The automotive sector is the new darling of CES; Byton got things started with its electric smart car that features complete connectivity and a high level of autonomy that will probably not be allowed in the United States anytime soon; however, auto engineers are planning to visit China in a couple of years to see Byton models in action. Something that tech analysts noticed at CES is that there is a lot of segmentation in the auto tech sector, which means that gadgets can be purchased separately at lower prices.


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