HTC Launches New U11 Eyes Smartphone


HTC has expanded its smartphone lineup with the release of the U11 Eyes, which features an all-new camera system and face recognition technology.

The U11 Eyes includes the same 12-megapixel rear camera that comes standard with the U11 base model. But the new phone also has dual front cameras, designed to take high-quality selfies. The front-facing cameras are both 5-megapixels and feature HDR boost and a bokeh mood to control photo depth. It functions similar to the portrait mode available in the latest iPhone models. The HTC U11 Eyes also ships with a large package of augmented reality stickers and effects that can be integrated with the camera application. When enabled, these cartoon animations will be automatically added to all faces that are recognized within a picture.

With the U11 Eyes, HTC has now caught up with the trend toward using facial recognition to unlock devices. This feature has previously been implemented on Apple and Samsung phones. Owners of the U11 Eyes can simply squeeze on the edge of the device and look into the front-facing cameras to confirm their identity and unlock their phone. HTC says that its facial recognition can identify phone owners even while wearing sunglasses or hats.

The internal specifications of the U11 Eyes match up with the rest of HTC line of flagship phones. It features a six-inch screen, water-resistant casing, and the Snapdragon 652 processor. The phone will not include a standard headphone jack or a fingerprint sensor.

The HTC U11 Eyes includes 64 gigabytes of memory and will be available in three colors: red, silver, and black. The phone has initially launched in Honk Kong for around $500 USD. HTC will release the U11 Eyes in the Chinese market, but at this time it’s unclear whether the device will be made available elsewhere in the world.


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