Apple App Store Creates Designated Filter for Free Trials


The Verge reports on a new effort by Apple to make its App Store more accessible to users by giving them the option to filter by apps offering free trials.

Like many products always have, certain apps will allow users to download and use them for a set amount of time without needing to pay, letting people test whether they would like the app or not before buying. While this has been commonplace in much of the tech sector for some time, it wasn’t until recently that this ability, as well as a specific section of the storefront, was dedicated to it.

The “Try it for free” section allows users to quickly look to find apps that offer trial periods before they need to pay, easily found as the second item on the Apps menu after entering the App Store. This addition comes just in time, as Apple has recently begun rolling out another new feature in the form of subscription-based apps, of which free trials will likely be instrumental in the success or failure.

Upon launch, only four apps are currently features in the free trial section: monthly USA Today subscriptions for $2.99, a yearly subscription to Panna: Video Recipes & Classes for $71.99, a yearly subscription to 1Password for $35.99, and a weekly subscription to Lake: Coloring Books for $2.99. There is not currently a way for users to filter sections by weekly, monthly, and yearly subscriptions, meaning discretion is advised before paying.

The length of free trials for each of these apps depends on which one you pick. For instance, 1Password offers a full month of service before you are required to pay. Like any subscription-based service, you will be agreeing to pay immediately once the trial runs out, so it would be important to remember to cancel on time if you weren’t intending to stick with a service.

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