Talk Fusion Announces the Release of a Redesigned Product Dashboard

New product from Talk Fusion
Talk Fusion Introduces a new product dashboard

Talk Fusion has plans in the coming months to introduce new technology to its arsenal. It just recently started by announcing its re-designed Product Dashboard that is a part of its award-winning Video Suite. This is only the beginning because Talk Fusion is going to make many more announcements such as this one in the next couple of months.

The company did not neglect to give the new Product Dashboard a different look, but it also improved upon the user experience. The Founder and CEO of Talk Fusion Bob Reina stated that the latest product is going to be the impetus for the improvements his company has planned for the future.

Talk Fusion is a major player in the video communications industry, and its products are different from those that other video communications companies are marketing. On top of that, the cost of Talk Fusion’s products is highly competitive, so Mr. Reina considers Talk Fusion to be Talk Fusion’s biggest competitor. According to Bob Reina, Talk Fusion is constantly looking for ways to improve upon its products because he wants his customers to have creations of the highest quality with a WebRTC-powered suite that is the most efficient. The new dashboard is the first product to bring the company into the future, and it is an indicator of what the year 2018 holds for Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion released a vision statement last month that stated that the company’s mission is to completely overhaul the way in which people all over the world communicate with each other, and the company wants to do this by destroying the obstacles with an easy-to-use, undivided manner of communicating that uses the most modern technology around. Customers can expect to see improvements in Talk Fusion’s current products, but there will also be new products that will take Talk Fusion’s brand and value up into the stratosphere.

Mr. Reina recently said that his company is transforming the future by transforming the way that people communicate with each other.

Talk Fusion Chief Technical Officer Ryan Page and the company’s brilliant IT team will work together to ready the new products for release in the coming weeks. The charities, businesses and individuals who rely on Talk Fusion for their communications needs will have an even more instinctive and logical system in their hands, according to Page. He says that Talk Fusion is changing the way that communications software works, but they are also creating a future where “click-to-connect” is the norm. The company is only in the beginning stages, and it has a myriad of advances waiting to be brought out into the light. Talk Fusion will definitely be a company to keep your eye on from this day forward.

About Talk Fusion

When Bob Reina wanted to send his friends and family a video of a house he was thinking of purchasing, AOL squashed his dreams. After all, what Bob wanted to do appeared to be so simple. He wanted to upload his video to his email account and send it to the people on his email list. AOL said that this couldn’t be done. Because Bob Reina is an enterprising individual, he set out to make the impossible possible, and when he succeeded, he had a new company called “Talk Fusion.” Now, his customers can send video through email messages with his product “Video Email.”

The product is very easy to use. First, the customer must record a video, and any device that records video will work. Then, he opens the Talk Fusion portal and finds the saved video file where he uploads his video. After that has been done, the consumer may compose an email that will contain the video. It’s that easy.

Talk Fusion’s products may seem as if they would be very pricey, but that is not the case. To purchase the basic service, you only need to pay $175 one time. Then, it will cost you $20 per month. Included in the purchase price is the ability to store 1,000 emails and the capacity to create videos that last at least five minutes.

The company also gives customers another option. For $375, customers receive everything in the $175 package plus four more accounts, an increased number of templates, the ability to customize emails, more ways in which to brand yourself and the ability to make a longer video if you prefer. Videos with this package can be up to 10 minutes.

The best thing about this product is that the video is embedded into the email. This means that the user does not have to send the reader to another page through a link. The reader only needs to click on the video and enjoy. That is highly impressive and well worth the small price that you are required to pay.

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