Highlights of the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show


The most important technology industry expo is currently underway in Las Vegas, and early reports show that electronics manufacturers were certainly prepare to dazzle the publics during CES 2018. Here are some of the highlights:

Google Assistant is Ready for Dominance

Search engine giant Google is betting on its Assistant app to dominate the burgeoning fields of smart home automation and virtual assistants. The previous two editions of CES in 2016 and 2017 mostly featured Amazon Alexa as the virtual assistant of choice for smart home appliances, but Amazon did not have a booth at the expo, and this is what Google is taking advantage of this year. There is no doubt that Google Assistant is smarter than Apple Siri and Amazon Alexa, but the company has only begun marketing this app, which is being developed as an operating system.

Smart Bed Controls Snoring

The Sleep Number 360 is the first smart bed presented at CES, and it includes an interesting feature: it detects snoring by means of a noise sensor that in turn activates a mechanism that raises the head of sleepers by seven degrees, an action that is known to help control this condition. Additionally, this smart bed can be programmed to warm the feet of the sleepers when the thermostat detects a sudden drop in temperature.

2018 Will be the Year of Hybrids and Convertibles

The declining market for iPads and Android tablets is prompting computer manufacturers to shift their focus to hybrid PCs, ultra-portable devices that sell as laptops but can be turned into tablets whenever the need arises. The HP Spectre x360 15 is a powerful machine that just happens to double as a laptop. This portable device is powered by the latest generation of Intel processors and also includes graphics cards made by AMD as well as Intel, advanced enough to play modern video games such as “Rez Infite,” which is a virtual reality title. HP also decided to introduce its Envy x2 hybrid, a Windows 10 portable machine with a battery that lasts longer than 15 hours.

Ridiculously Large 4K Television Introduced by Samsung

The Wall is the perfect name chosen by South Korean electronics giant Samsung for its 146-inch television, which makes use of MicroLED components to deliver 4K resolution without a projection interface; this is an advanced Smart TV platform that includes Bixby, the Samsung virtual assistant that allows users to control devices with their voices.


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