PUBG Dominates Steam Sales, Points to Larger Franchise Universe.


If you like video games and have an Xbox One or a PC then you’ve likely come across ‘PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds’. Shortened to just PUBG, this title was developed by Bluehole Studio Inc and PUBG Corporations an indie battle-royale experience. The title was originally released through steam, where it has found vibrant life and a huge community, before quickly becoming something of a worldwide sensation. Steam recently released some year-end statistics that paint the future of PUBG in very bright colors and that future was echoed by the creative team behind PUBG. Let’s take a closer look at what could quickly become the next biggest franchise in video game history.

The developers at Steam like to release year-end statistics in order to showcase what games people were buying and what games people were really playing. Fortunately for the dev team at PUBG, their title fit nicely into both of those categories. Right now, PUBG holds the 2017 record for concurrent players online with over 3 million users all gaming together on Steam. In order to accurately understand the momentum that PUBG has earned, their prior peak was in September at just over 1 million concurrent users. Players are finding their way to PUBG and boy are they enjoying it. Developer Brendan Greene personally believes that his game can compete with League of Legends in order to hit that special, nigh unreachable, mark of 100 million total players. He might have a point.

With the success that PUBG has been able to find on both consoles and personal computers, it makes sense that the team of developers is angling to get the game out there as much as possible. Chang Han Kim is the CEO at PUBG Corp and he has already gone on the record as aiming to push the title to “every platform”. Kim goes on to say that they are focused on turning PUBG into something of a ‘universal media franchise’. This means that Kim wants to bring the violent and chaotic PUBG universe to both TV and cinema.

Still, you can’t hope for a media franchise without first getting your title to every gamer who wants to try it out. That is why Kim and his team are working on getting PUBG onto PS4 right now. Kim says, “If we have the opportunity, the final goal would be to launch the title on every platform.” PUBG Corp is well on its way to becoming one of the biggest gaming successes in recent memory.

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