A Huge Year From Nintendo Hints At Brighter Future


When Nintendo released the Nintendo Switch just nine months ago, fans weren’t quite sure what they were getting their hands on — at least not right away. It quickly became apparent that the Nintendo Switch was one of the best console releases of the generation and, potentially, one of the best console releases of all time. In the past nine months, the Nintendo Switch has been put on a trajectory to shatter the worldwide record for first-year sales, set by the PlayStation 2, and that says nothing of the expanded and enhanced library that Nintendo has been lobbying to create. Still, all of this is just missing the forest for the trees. Nintendo is setting up their 2018 run to be just as successful as the work they’ve done here in 2017 and we’re going to show you how.

Any discussion revolving around the Nintendo Switch needs to at least have some time dedicated to the way that the console has pivoted toward third-party developers. For far too long, Nintendo has been one of the few major console creators that have shrugged away from the indie developer crowd. While the Xbox and PlayStation have spent time building their library with a backlog of great indie titles, Nintendo has stayed relatively out of the fray. There has been a marked change in direction at Nintendo with the Switch and the famous game company has been focused on getting more and more third-party developers involved. In fact, the Nintendo Switch is quickly gaining a following for its vast library of independent titles.

Let’s look past the Nintendo Switch for a moment look more broadly at what Nintendo has been doing in order to establish a platform for 2018. Nintendo has focused entirely on developing mobile titles that gamers can plug in and play anywhere. Nintendo has spent a fortune preparing their iOS titles and the success that they’ve seen as a result is almost dizzying. Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp are two of the top mobile titles of the year and Nintendo is continuing to line up other major releases for handheld phones.

When you want longevity in a market, you need to be ready to innovate. Sometimes, in order to innovate, you have to go backward. Nintendo did exactly that when they released their tiny classic console versions of the NES and SNES which came pre-packaged with all of the best titles around. Is Nintendo already preparing a new classic N64? Who is to say at this point? However, we’ll see soon enough as Nintendo makes good on their 2018 after a rock solid 2017.

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