Reviews of the Google Home Max are In!


The Google Home Max is meant to be an affordable alternative to Apple’s HomePod and increasingly popular Sonos speakers. How does the Google Home Max compare in terms of weight, price, features, and sound quality?

What’s really incredible about the Google Home Max is the sound quality and size of these speakers. Google Home Max speakers live up to their namesake by being significantly larger and more high-fidelity than the tinny, inexpensive speakers that come with many desktops.

Google Home Max speakers are meant to match, or perhaps rival, the sound of a nice stereo system. These speakers definitely aren’t a lightweight in any sense of the word: They weight 12 pounds apiece and they match great aesthetics with features galore and sturdy bass.

Four drivers and long-throw woofers give these speakers a mid-range punch and clarity, and the woofers give you more than enough low-end to handle any genre of music. The cool thing about this new generation of speakers is that they house interior microphones – or, in the case of the Home Max, six – microphones perfect for picking up voice commands and allowing you to leave messages.

Little touches also make this a pretty attraction speaker for the holidays. Rubber pads under the speakers help to keep the hardware in place so that you don’t have to worry about a song with heavy bass sending your speakers down to the ground. Another cool thing about the Home Max is that it responds to music differently depending on how you position the speakers.

With a horizontal orientation, the Home Max will provide customers with stereo whereas a vertical orientation furnishes customers with mono. Volume controls and pause/playback features are found on top of the speakers.

The Google Home Max can be synced to your mobile devices as well. This allows you to control the volume and pause/playback remotely, which comes in handy if you have the speakers somewhat inaccessibly tucked within a bookcase or up on the mantle.

Features aside, the Home Max really shines in the music department. The Home Max can get very loud without breaking up into distortion or getting tinny sounding. The subwoofer adds bass and the particular sound signature of the speakers tend to accentuate both the highs (treble) and lows (bass) without compromising clarity from the mid-range output.

Overall, these are very competent, affordable speakers that look great anywhere.




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