Galaxy S9 Rumors Suggest Early 2018 Reveal


In spite of the media hype, the recent release of Apple’s latest generation of iPhones was largely a tepid affair. Users across the internet posted photos from the company’s various brick-and-mortar storefronts where Apple fanboys used to predictably camp out for their shot at the latest device. Instead, the photos revealed empty sidewalks. While it may be that the era of midnight releases and clamoring at the cash register for the newest smartphone is over, 2018 is already promising its own releases for the ubiquitous devices.

While there’s nothing concrete, a report from Bloomberg is claiming that Samsung is all set and gearing up towards its announcement for the Galaxy S9. If true, it would mark a new approach for Samsung’s marketing of their smartphone devices. Previous iterations were always announced in March and made available the following April. According to the rumor, Samsung will officially reveal the S9 in January or February of 2018 and subsequently release it to the market in March.

This is the second round of rumors to be leveled at the upcoming public demoing of the smartphone. The The International Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, is set to carry out its 2018 event in January. The event commonly plays host to tech companies unveiling their upcoming devices, which naturally includes the world of smartphones. Near the end of November this year a rumor indicated that the S9 could feature at the event and also speculated at the device’s specifications. The rumor claimed the S9 would more or less be an incremental upgrade from the S8, rather than an innovative gamechanger. However, a spokesperson for Samsung spoke with the The Korean Herald and quickly denied the rumor, saying the appearance of the S9 at the event was “unlikely”. Some speculated that the statement still left the possibility for an early look at the device open but that the company was unsure whether or not to commit.

While it is unclear whether or not the device will be shown off in early 2018, some rumors have still provided fans of the smartphone line something to chew on. Though rumor still says it will not break the mold from the S8, the S9 supposedly will sport a significantly improved camera along with much faster processing power thanks to Qualcomm’s recently announced Snapdragon 845 processing chip. Given how much of this is sourced from speculation, however, it’s possible the phone could appear at CES and break all expectations in terms of design.

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