Royal Caribbean’s New Technology


These cruise ships not only want to get the attention of travelers by being different from their rivals and be technology showpieces, but they also want to give their passengers an extra-special good time that is innovative and will cause word to be spread about how they are entertaining their guests with new ideas.

What are some of those new developments?

Automated check-in using face recognition

Starting sometime in 2018, the company hopes check-ins will be quicker and take away the burden of waiting in long lines at the process center to have your photo taken and the issuance of your room key. That will be accomplished because you will take your own photo at home using the company’s special app, face recognition cameras will identify you when you board the ship based on that photo, and a screen will welcome you by name when you go through the metal detector.


Already onboard many of the ships, and coming soon fleet-wide, is this smart touchscreen that allows you to browse up-to-the-minute “can’t miss” activities and find your way to them and around the ship.

Enhanced Wi-Fi

Expanded Wi-Fi high-speed and instantly-streaming internet service is available on every Royal Caribbean ship so that you can broadcast to family and friends about what a great time you are having and all that you have been doing. You can use your own laptop or one of the ship’s computer workstations. You can also use your stateroom telephone.


Additional projects will include a dedicated satellite for internet service, battery-powered bumper cars, robot bartenders, and more. At their recent event called Sea Beyond, the company unveiled a showcase of those next technologies at the Brooklyn Navy Yards, which approximately 1,000 travel agents and journalists toured.

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