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New Tech Gadgets for Your Health

Technology for fitness-tracking has enabled people to become much more conscious about their health and provides them with unusual and helpful items to aid them in their search for health-improving gadgets that will add to their well-being.

The below examples are some that would make wonderful gifts for someone special.

Wacaco Minipresso NS Portable Espresso Maker

This is portable and light and is the perfect item to take with you the next time you go camping, backpacking, or to a motel that has no coffee-making facilities. You don’t want to miss out on your morning coffee, especially when you are made aware that studies have shown that coffee can help unclog your arteries and lower the possibility of a heart attack, reduce rates of DNA damage, and even lower the incidence of certain types of cancers and Parkinson’s disease.

Scott Soup Maker

This soup maker by Hong Kong firm Scott requires limited efforts to help keep you healthy. It has five automatic programs: thaw, soup, smoothie, sauce, crushed ice, and even the amazing function Auto Cleaning! The Expert mode has three speeds for mixing and two cooking temperatures: gentle to intense.

Philips Avance Centrifugal Juicer

Fiber is one of the most important nutrients in improving digestive health and helping to prevent diabetes, heart disease, some cancers, weight gain, and making sure you get enough fiber. One way to do so is with this juicer that has FiberBoost technology and is simple to use. You can choose the texture of juice, whether a refreshing clear juice or a creamy juice with up to 50 percent more fiber. It’s also super easy to clean.

Walking aid: SmartCane

Designed by Fayet, the old-school walking stick company, this game changer by Dring is for those that need assistance when walking and would love the increased features such as an gyroscope, an accelerometer, and an intelligent GPS alert system inside the stick to detect any falls and send an alert with the user’s location to get help.


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