Offline Conversations Are Big plus to Companies


Early February this year, President Donald Trump sent a tweet blasting a famous store known as Nordstrom for allegedly stopping the sale of his Daughter’s clothing line. The tweet came at such a time that calls to boycott the retail had been made. Those who supported Donald Trump took it to social media expressing their aggravation. Considering that Donald Trump had sent a similar tweet that resulted in other brands including Lockheed Martin to suffer intensely, Nordstrom was worried. Contrary to the expectation of many, the social media calls only served to increase the store’s shares. In the months that followed, the business performed better than any of its rival, considering that the retail industry was facing some difficulties.

While addressing the issue, a senior marketing strategist at EMSI Public Relations, Mr. Jay York said that what was exhibited is a true replica of what people say online in what is called heat of the moment versus their real actions offline. The scenario had a long-lasting implication to businesses in that there is the absolute need for companies to monitor their online and offline conversation. By doing so, enterprises can rest assured that they have the real picture of how its customers perceive its brand and the challenges it may be faced with. According to a study that was conducted by Engagement Labs, $7 trillion to $10 trillion that is spent every year by consumers is influenced by the online and offline social conversations. While conducting the research, the Canadian company surveyed 170 brands. It found out that majority of the businesses perceive social media as an adequate guide for tracking consumer sentiments. They fail to understand that the social conversations may be different from what individuals say while conversing with their friends and families.

It is wrong for companies to assume that the conversations happening online are the same as those happening offline. According to Elissa Moses, social media can help companies discover signs of trouble at an early stage. Ms. Moses is the chief executive officer of neuroscience and behavioral science for Ipsos. She says that it is crucial for a company to continue a research offline to determine whether the conversations online and offline matches or not. As much as there was an evident uproar online against Nordstrom, it was not strong enough to sway off the customers’ loyalty to the brand, probably because it had done an offline survey.

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