How we can Strike the Balance between Technologists and Normal People


Technology is the only way we can address most of the challenges facing humanity. This could be in addressing inequality or the pressing issue of climate change. The crucial difference can only be realized by scientific breakthroughs combined with artificial intelligence. The Financial Times says that this is the only way we can conceive new strategies, ideas as well as new knowledge. However, there are some concerns that have been raised in the way people interact with technology. For instance, we should first appreciate that technology is important. Its effects, on the other hand, are also important and wide-ranging. This has led to the emergence of three asymmetries that should not be underestimated. The first involves the difference that exists between technology creators and their consumers. For instance, we can all agree that there exists a huge difference between the salaries that these gurus in Silicon Valley receive and what other people elsewhere receive. As a matter of fact, people working in Silicon Valley receive twice the salary that normal people receive. Another issue affecting technology is the under-representation of diverse communities. For instance, minority groups, as well as women, are completely underrepresented in the tech industry. There are few African-Americans, Asians, and Latinos working in Silicon Valley.

Another major issue in the tech industry is the asymmetry of information. As a matter of fact, there is a huge difference in the way people working in the tech industry understand the technology. What people can’t quite understand is that dealing with the issue requires a collaborative effort. This is where new organizations must be established to help people understand the complexity of the algorithms as well as how these algorithms are likely to impact the society. For this to be achieved, prioritization of the issue at hand becomes crucial. This is where institutions should work together rather than criticize one another. Some of these institutions include technologists, governments as well as activists. Because trust and courage are always missing in most of the cases, these institutions end up turning against one another. There are people who are already doing this such as Joy Buolamwini. For starters, this is a researcher working with the Algorithmic Justice League as well as MIT. For instance, he has taken a broader role in showing people how some technologies can fail. He gives an example of how people with darker skins have a harder time using facial recognition.

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