Technology Companies Push For DACA Legislation


Several big-name technology companies have gotten very political as of late. They have banded together with other advocacy groups to push for legislation that is known as DACA. This stands for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. It is the immigration executive order that former President Obama signed while in office. The purpose of this executive action is to help protect children who arrive in the United States illegally through no fault of their own. Essentially, the executive order was intended to help those children avoid deportation. Now, the groups that have banded together are asking lawmakers to make it a codified law.

The Hill reports that the action was taken in 2012 when former President Obama felt that he did not have the amount of support he needed in Congress to get something passed through traditional means. He felt that he had no option but to use the power of the executive order to move this policy objective forward.

The problem for those who want to see this work out is that there is not a lot of power to an executive action. An action taken by one President can be easily undone by the next. While the current President has not yet outright done this, there is always the possibility that he may at some point in the future. Thus, the technology companies and others are pushing for legislation that would make the law have a lot more staying power.

The technology companies are interested in backing this legislation both out a sense of moral duty, but also because so many of the great tech minds of today come from immigrant communities. The technology companies do not want to have any risk that their supply of talent in the future may face difficulties coming to the United States.

Children who have been taken into the United States illegally had no say in the matter. For many of them, the United States is the only place that they know as home. Technology company directors often see the policy of deporting them to a country with which they have no real ties as exceptionally cruel. This may in turn be a big reason why they are staying up so adamantly for DACA legislation.

The truth of the matter is that the passage of such legislation given the makeup of the current Congress is highly unlikely. However, advocates still see value in pushing for what they believe in.

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