Technology Companies To View Cambodia As Gambling Empire


The legal status of gambling is very much a grey area in many parts of the world. In other parts it is outright banned. This is frustrating to companies that operate in the gambling industry, including the technology companies that provide the hardware and software that make gaming possible. That is why Cambodia is emerging as the unlikely target of new investments from technology companies into the gambling industry.

Liberal Polices Attract New Business

There are some very liberal policies relating to gambling in Cambodia. The leaders in that country have made the determination that they must provide an open environment for the gambling industry. Doing so has made it easy for them to peel away business from other countries with more restrictive polices.

Sources say that the country has thus far issued 79 new gambling licenses in 2017. That is a pace not seen almost anywhere else in the world. The country has even made it easier for companies to enter their country even if those companies are in legal trouble in other countries.

Investing In Online Gaming

Technology companies are in high demand in Cambodia. The country has sought to bring in more of those companies to help them build up their technology infrastructure as it relates to gambling. This is because it is harder for them to compete with their neighbors in terms of brick and mortar casinos. Those neighbors are mostly larger and more economically developed countries.

Due to this, Cambodia has made a strong push for the online gambling options that they want to make available to their customers. If they become a leader in online gambling, it doesn’t matter nearly as much that they may lose some ground on the in=person gaming.

No Signs Of Slowing Down

The Cambodian government is more than happy to have the level of investments that it has seen in its online gaming operations to this point. It is a country that was in the mist of war and chaos just two decades ago. Now, they are seeing interested parties bringing business to their doors in the gambling industry. There is no politician in Cambodia that is willing to cut off that money. If anything, they are encouraging more investments. Technology companies can celebrate the fact that they will be providers of an economic engine in Cambodia that is still running strong.


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