Paul Mampilly: Technological Advancements that Make Wise Investment Ideas

Paul Mampilly: Tech Investment Ideas
Paul Mampilly: Tech Investment Ideas

Society is always advancing as time goes on. These advancements are seen in a multitude of areas that affect our daily life. For example, recent years have demonstrated exciting changes in the way we shop, decorate our homes, entertain ourselves, and so much more. As the interests of the general public change frequently, it can confusing for those interested in learning to invest for the sake of their financial freedom.

Proper investment techniques and experience can help set an individual up for future financial freedom and independence from debt. However, choosing areas or specific companies to invest in can be an overwhelming process. This is especially true if you are new to learning the ins and outs of successful investing. The following are three key areas that have been pinpointed as areas of particular interest and growth, making them wise investment opportunities for those interested in further developing this skill.

Three Areas of Change that Make Wise Investment Opportunities

Investment opportunities seem a dime a dozen. Obviously, however, it is important to choose an investment opportunity that is going to reap huge rewards. Generally, this is accomplished by avoiding fickle trends and choosing to invest in areas or companies that provide proven products or services that will be around for the long haul. The following are three key areas currently experiencing enough consistent growth to make them wise areas for placing your investment dollars.

Virtual Reality Entertainment

The current versions of television, movies, and video games are soon to be overtaken by what will become the new industry standard governing the entertainment industry. Virtual reality was once something video game makers could only imagine in their minds. With today’s advanced technology, this is no longer the case.

Augmented reality and virtual reality are both concepts created to allow an individual to feel like they are actively present in the movie or video game that they are enjoying. It describes technology that is designed to take the individual on a journey from spectator to active participant in whatever type of entertainment they most enjoy. Imagine playing your favorite video game with a 3-D projector over your face that places you inside the game itself, allowing you to feel and sense everything that your character experiences. This concept is here and undergoing a massive amount of growth that will continue over the next few decades until it becomes the normal way that we experience entertainment today. Some companies that produce this type of equipment and software have experienced growth rates over 900% in recent years, proving that this is a huge area of interest for many gamers and entertainment lovers today.

Prescription Drug Market

The prescription drug market is a lucrative one indeed, but so far much of the revenue made in this area go to independent pharmacies and supermarkets containing in-house pharmacies. However, that’s about to change. Amazon recently announced that they plan to get involved in this area of interest very soon. The fact of the matter is when you obtain your prescription medications from a pharmacy, they go through a wild ride before they are ever placed in your hands. There are many middle-men involved in the process that all make a portion of the revenue that comes from the use of prescription drugs. These additional middle-men also create an undesirable effect. Namely, they serve to increase the overall cost of prescription drugs by as much as 36%, an effect that consumers certainly don’t want to see.

What will happen when Amazon intervenes in the current process of getting prescription medications from point A to point B? Because Amazon focuses on bringing transparency, efficiency, and convenience to the overall buying process, they will be responsible for bringing these qualities to the process of obtaining prescription medications as well. Amazon will pose a real threat to both pharmacies and the middle-men involved in moving prescription drugs through the complex system they travel through daily. The stock market is beginning to reflect this perceived threat as we notice the stocks of popular pharmacies dropping substantially. Paul Mampilly urges people not to become tempted to purchase these stocks while they remain low because of the damage that Amazon will do to these corporations once they get involved.

3-D Printing

In past decades, building a home from the ground up was a rather complex venture require multiple stages of planning and development. This process could end up taking years to complete in many cases. An upcoming and exciting concept known as 3-D printing is looking at changing the way this series of events takes place, allowing for homes to be built at a much faster rate and with less hassle.

3-D technology actually came about as a result of natural disasters that often completely destroy many homes and other buildings. Natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornadoes often bring about the need for massive rebuilding efforts that take years to complete and cost billions of dollars. Using sophisticated robotic technology and 3-D printing, this complex series of events could unfold and be completed in a matter of weeks or even less. Additionally, it is estimated that this unique technology can also reduce the costs involved in these rebuilding ventures by as much as a whopping 40%. This technology will be music to the ears of those looking to build a new home and investors who choose to place their valuable investment dollars in this area of advanced technology.

More About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals when it comes to the skill of investing. He currently puts these skills to good use as the Senior Editor of Banyan Hill Publishing, a place of educational information for those interested in learning to invest wisely. Paul Mampilly also runs two different trading services and writes educational columns for the firm’s newsletter.

Paul Mampilly has an outstanding academic career to support the level of expertise he has currently gained in the investment industry. He obtained his MBA from Fordham University in 1996 and continues to lend his expertise toward teaching and inspiring those who want to become skilled investors today.

Learning the skills needed to make wise investment moves can be a skill set that helps you secure a financially stable future for yourself and your loved ones. Following the helpful and wise advice of experienced investors such as Paul Mampilly can help take the guesswork out of investing in your future. As you plan for future investment opportunities and ventures, it is wise to keep the three areas mentioned above in mind.

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