Google Faces a New Lawsuit Missouri


After being fined billions of dollars in Europe for violating antitrust laws and consumer protections, Google is facing the same accusations. The only difference is that these accusations are happening in Missouri. The state’s attorney general announced yesterday that they are investigating these claims. This comes at a time when there is a growing concern over the influence that has been amassed by technology companies in America. The attorney general who is known as Josh Hawley confirmed that his office had issued a subpoena to the search giant wishing the company to disclose how it used the information that it collected from its customers. He said that the request wants to find out whether the company is being biased on the search results that it provides. This is just an example of how Missouri and Europe have taken the issue in their own hands to counter the dominance of Google. In the United States and around the world, Google has for years managed to stay off the radar when it comes to antitrust scrutiny. Back in July, Google received the largest fine relating to antitrust issues after it was accused by the European Union of favoring its own products over those of their competitors.

The Republican attorney general who has said that he will run for Senate in 2018 lamented that Google had been given a free pass by the Free Trade Commission for a long time. He further said that it was important for customers to understand what was happening in relation to the information they provide to Google. In a news conference, he further added that there is no other company that had succeeded in acquiring the information that Google has acquired in the last few years. The attorney general said that it has reached a point where we can no longer accept the words that come from these tech companies. Mr. Hawley said that it’s important to ensure that these companies are following the laws just like other entities. He said that where these companies have been found not following the laws, they should be held accountable. He told the reporters that users didn’t have an option to subscribe from the data enquiry from Google. It has been discovered that Google is collecting more data than it should. Google spokesman Patrick Lenihan refused to say how the company was planning on responding to the acquisition. This has become a habit for the search giant.


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