Building Cities in the Sea


If you talked to a scientist 10 years ago about the idea of a floating city, they would have told you that the idea is audacious and simplistic. They saw it as a seemingly impossible task. However, recent years have driven the idea within reach of technology. Scientists and tech entrepreneurs can now dream of self-sustaining and independent states at sea. For years, the idea has been seen as a science fiction, and scientists have used the term seasteading to describe the idea. However, this has managed to mature from pure fantasy to something that can be achieved in reality. In fact, the New York Times wrote an article that detailed a plan by governments, architects, and academics who are designing a prototype that should be ready by 2020. This has been made possible by an institution that was established in the year 2008. The institution has been referred to as Seasteading Institute and operates as a non-profit organization. The organization has spent the last one decade trying to convince members of the society that the idea can be achieved. Initially, people saw the idea as totally crazy. The project is getting its money from initial coin offering. For starters, this is another term that’s new on the Wall Street and Silicon Valley where investors are making money by creating and trading virtual currency.

While seasteading seemed like an impractical idea sometimes back, it now looks appealing with the rising sea levels. Rising sea levels can be blamed on established political orders as well as climate change. At the beginning of 2017, the Seasteading Institute was given permission by the government of French Polynesia to build the first prototype on its waters. The institute has said that the construction of the first city is underway. However, they have warned that the nucleus of a city will not be habitable for some years. Seasteading president Joe Quirk said that the first floating city would be viewed as a start-up country. He says that the company has the ability of creating huge diversities for governments which will result in huge diversities for its citizens. The term seasteading was introduced in the year 1981 by Ken Neumeyer in his book Sailing the Farm. The book talked about people living aboard a sailboat. 20 years later, Patri Friedman became interested in the idea. For starters, Patri Friedman is the grandson of Milton Friedman, the economist.


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