Another Setback for Uber in the UK


Late on Friday, Uber suffered another setback in Britain. This comes after the transport authority in London failed to renew its operating license in the city. However, the latest setback involves a case that had been filed at the British employment tribunal by 19 Uber drivers who argued that the company denied them a lot of rights when it claimed that they were self-employed. The tribunal ruled in favor of the drivers. At the moment, London happens to be the biggest market share for Uber outside the United States. This was an affirmation of another ruling that was made last year that required Uber to offer its drivers a minimum wage and at the same time pay the drivers during their off time.

However, some experts say that the current ruling brings about a problem for the common hiring model. This model has become very popular in the gig economy and involves workers who have not signed a formal contract. It’s the argument of a number of companies that use the model that it’s very effective in increasing flexibility. They say that it works for both sides that are involved. However, this system has received a lot of criticism from people who don’t support the model. They argue that the system can be very exploitive. At the same time, the model is said to deprive employees of critical safeguards that include things like unemployment insurance. The case had been brought forward by two men who were referred to as Yaseen Aslam and James Farrar. On the other hand, these men were representing a group of 19 drivers who argued that they had been denied basic protections by Uber once it considered them as self-employed.

Uber, on the other hand, argued like it has argued elsewhere that most of its drivers were independent contractors. Mr. Aslam who is 36-years-old told the company that it could hide behind the technology all it wants. He, however, reminded the company that laws are there to be respected and obeyed at all times. This is a decision that is expected to affect thousands of workers across the country. The driver further told the tribunal that they wouldn’t allow the company to exploit them any further. Tom Elvidge told news reporters that they would appeal the decision. Tom Elvidge happens to be the acting chief of Uber operations in the country. He said that they were contemplating going to the Country’s Supreme Court or Court of Appeal.

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