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NewsWatch TV may seem like a small player in the overall television market in the United States, but this is definitely not the case when you consider the impact it has on viewers. Since its inception in 1989, the 30-minute segment has grown its loyal base of viewers to millions and is now a trusted source of news on product releases, medical breakthroughs, and other such stories.

Many companies haven’t been blind to this, particularly those that are interested in penetrating the US market. NewsWatch has worked with a number of them, enabling their campaigns and product releases to be wildly successful without being too expensive. Avanca, a Dutch company with a focus on smartphones, recently worked with NewsWatch on a promotional campaign.

The Story of Ockel & Avanca
Avanca was founded in 2008. They started as a small company based in the Netherlands, but have recently expanded to greater Europe as well as the continents of Asia and Africa. Their main focus is in the manufacture and sale of lifestyle mobile accessories. In this particular case, Avanca was promoting Ockel, their line of innovative, cost-friendly, pocket PCs. The company decided that the best way to do this was by launching an Indiegogo campaign.

The initial target for Avanca was to raise $10,000. This amount had to be raised within 30 days, according to Indiegogo rules. Another Indiegogo rule was that, if the amount weren’t raised within the 30 day period, the company running the company wouldn’t receive any of the funds that had been raised so far.

It was obvious to Avanca that they had to launch a massive and aggressive campaign to promote the product in order to raise funds in record time. This was when Avanca decided to approach NewsWatch and hire them to help promote the campaign.
NewsWatch handled everything; the logistics, the video production, the trip to and from the International IFA conference in Germany, the on-site interviews, and post-production. The end-result was a 1-minute segment that aired on both the NewsWatch’s national television show as well as all their social media channels.

The result was phenomenal, to say the least. The campaign managed to raise $456,551. In the initial 30 days alone, they raised 29 times their initial target of $10,000.

NewsWatch timed the segment to run concurrently with the campaign so that viewers could contribute immediately after watching the segment. Avanca was emphatic that NewsWatch was one of the main reasons that their campaign ended up succeeding.
It may seem like a miracle to raise that much money, but it wasn’t. The amount of planning that went into the whole project, coupled with NewsWatch’s massive reach, worked together to make the project a phenomenal success. The segment received exposure to over 200 markets in the US, which translates to more than 96 million households. The online campaign ended up receiving over 1 million impressions.

A Glowing Tradition
Avanca isn’t NewsWatch TV’s only success story. Many others have occurred in the past.

Saygus is an American manufacturer of smartphones that needed help launching its smartphones. In 2015, Saygus wanted to unveil its phone, the Saygus V2 (V Squared), to the world at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. NewsWatch came to provide phenomenal outreach again with a short review segment that was aired on its national show as well as its many social media channels. As usual, NewsWatch handled everything as far as logistics and production were concerned.

SteelSeries is a Danish manufacturer of gaming gear, ranging from headsets to keyboards, mice, controllers, and gaming surfaces. They are headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, but have an international reach. SteelSeries worked with NewsWatch to help promote their line of headphones and gaming controllers. They did this on two separate occasions and met success both times.

NewsWatch handled everything, including project development, scripting, production, post-production, editing, and distribution. Due to their high-quality production and market reach, both campaigns were a success. As a result, the market was highly receptive to SteelSeries products.

NewsWatch has aired over 1000 episodes since it was incorporated in 1989, covering an incredibly wide array of topics. Everything from travel and tourism to medical breakthroughs have been aired. This has given the program quite the reputation for airing trendy breaking news in different fields and drawing the public’s attention to little-known companies that the American public would otherwise have never heard of. The result is that NewsWatch has garnered deep support from its loyal viewers, giving it a strong influence over them, especially in so far as their consumer habits are concerned.

NewsWatch has also recently begun to host different celebrities on the show. Notable names like Carrie Underwood, Phil Mickelson, Julianne Moore, Ted Danson, Diane Lane and Carl Lewis have graced the show to talk about different issues and interact with the interviewers and audience.

This has given NewsWatch a strong position of relevance in the sphere of pop culture, drawing even more viewers to the show. It has additionally featured many popular companies such as NASCAR, Goodyear, Toyota, Ford, Legos, LG, and D-Link, among others.

Need Help With a Campaign? Look No Further.
If you’re a small company looking to break into the market in any way, then NewsWatch is probably your best option. For a fraction of the costs you would incur with many other channels and programs, you will get a premium service, granting you exposure to markets you would never have dreamed of penetrating in the first place. NewsWatch is known to be professional, affordable, and capable of producing high-quality short segments to promote you and your product. The end result is invariably success, as you will easily see if you read any of the testimonials made by others.

There are many ways for a company to gain exposure to the market. Most of them involve the media and, while some campaigns are successful and others aren’t, not all the available methods cater to small and medium enterprises. NewsWatch is one of the few that cater for this market, bringing the opportunity for success to all.

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