Dara Khosrowshahi introduces a New Culture for Uber


The past two months have been crucial for Dara Khosrowshahi as he has used it to learn about the operations of Uber, the number one ride-hailing company. Mr. Khosrowshahi became the company’s chief executive officer in August 2017. His predecessor is known as Travis Kalanick. Mr. Kalanick was released in June from the company he had seen grow from a startup. He had been actively involved in building Uber. Dara has begun a series of activities that are aimed at repairing Uber’s reputation that had been damaged. For starters, Mr. Khosrowshahi came up with some cultural values that should be followed by the company, thus replacing those of his predecessor. The culture was introduced to the enterprise on Tuesday.

The list of values to be upheld in the company was unveiled during a staff meeting that was organized in San Francisco. The values are expected to make the company better and soften the tone of the company that has always seemed to be ready for hostility. The list includes goals such as celebrating the talents of different people and exercising perseverance between one person and the other. Every stakeholder was reminded to always do the right thing. The list also seemed to dispute the validity of the culture created under the leadership of Mr. Kalanick. For the better part of existence, the eight-year-old company has been known for its readiness to fight everyone be it its competitors such as Lyft or lawmakers who may seek oversight of the company.

As a result of the aggressive nature of the company, Uber started to experience difficulties in cities like London where Mr. Khosrowshahi is striving to maintain the services of his company. In a LinkedIn post, the CEO said that the culture that has brought Uber to its current position is not the same one that will take it to the next level. The post also stated that the fact that Uber has been focusing on the future is a plus for the company since it has attracted many employees. The reputation of Uber became at stake after a former employee Susan Fowler wrote a blog on how a senior officer sexually harassed her and yet her complaint landed on the deaf ears of the human resources. Since he took office, Mr. Khosrowshahi has taken an apology tour, this being an attempt to improve the company’s relations with those who drive for the company.

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