Russia was involved in Hacking Democratic Emails


The very first time malicious messages hit the campaigns of Hillary Clinton happened on March 10, 2016. About 29 emails addressing people who had worked with Ms. Clinton in her first run for the presidency were sent. All these messages bounced back untouched as the emails were sent by people disguising to be trustworthy. It only took nine days for some of the most confidential campaign information to find its way into the hands of hackers. The operation was aimed at cleaning the inboxes of as many people as possible in the world. According to an investigation carried out by the Associated Press, the hack was followed by months of broken disclosures about the Democratic Party candidate. The hackers were interested in compromising the inner circle of Ms. Clinton and the more than 130 party employees, contractors, and supporters. According to the United States’ intelligence agencies, Russia was responsible for the email hacking. The Associated Press unveiled a report on Thursday showing that the hackers known as Fancy Bear were responsible for the email theft. The report also revealed that the company worked in line with the interests of the Russian government.

Using the database of about 19,000 malicious links that were recently shared by the SecureWorks cybersecurity, the Associated Press went on to show how the hackers did all that was in their power to compromise the digital security of Ms. Clinton’s campaign so that they could eventually steal John Podesta’s email. The messages that compromised the candidature of Ms. Clinton were first let to fly across the internet on March 10. They were organized in a way that would lure many into thinking that they originated from Google, the company that had laid Clinton’s email infrastructure. The messages also required of people to change their passwords to increase their security while instead, they were steering them towards stealing their credentials. One person that was targeted by the hackers was Rahul Sreenivasan who in the year 2008 worked as Clinton organizer in Texas. Today, he is a legislative staffer in Austin. He was surprised to hear that the hackers attempted to get into the mail he was using close to a decade ago. The Associated Press also discovered that the Hackers found one email address belonging to one staff who worked with Clinton in 2008 and 2016. It is believed that the hackers stole her contacts, and some Phising links sent to her.

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