UFC Announces Cover Athlete for New Video Game


Many fans of mixed martial arts know all about the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Since the late 1990s, the UFC has helped to revolutionize how fight fans have been able to watch combat sports. Throughout the 2000s, mixed martial arts, as well as the UFC, began to vastly grow in terms of popularity. Fans of both mixed martial arts and gaming have enjoyed getting their hands on officially licensed UFC video games. Here is more information about the new game UFC 3 as well as who was chosen to become the cover athlete.

Gamespot reports that legendary fighter Conor McGregor will be the new cover athlete for UFC 3. McGregor recently made waves with his mega fight with legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. While McGregor didn’t win the battle against Mayweather, his dominance in the UFC is hard to ignore. Conor has received titles in two separate weight classes while obtaining victories over many great UFC fighters.

One of the main issues that fans have had with UFC’s entries into the video game world was a lack of game modes. However, it appears that the makers of UFC 3 have heard fans comments loud and clear. One notable new feature for UFC 3 is the announcement of a G.O.A.T career mode that will have players in control of every aspect of their created fighter. The new career mode for UFC 3 includes the ability to promote fights, increase a fighter’s fan base, and win championship titles. In addition, UFC 3 will utilize a new Real Player Motion technology created by the EA video game company.

In closing, Conor McGregor will be the cover athlete for the newly announced UFC 3 video game. McGregor currently holds championships in two separate weight classes in the UFC. The creators of UFC 3, EA recently announced that this game will include new features for players to enjoy. A new G.O.A.T career mode looks to immerse players in the creation and development of their respective virtual fighters. The newest UFC video game utilizes a new type of motion tracking software that aims to make character movements more fluid and lifelike than ever before. Currently, UFC 3 is set to release throughout the world in February 2018 on both the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.


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