Solving your Wi-Fi Problems


Any technological device is very great when it’s working-this applies even for Wi-Fi. However, many are the times that your Wi-Fi will fail meaning that there is no one given time that you will take it for granted. Every time you try and unsuccessfully connect a device to a Wi-Fi device reminds you of the Ethernet days when you would just connect the computer through the cable. To access the internet, all you had to click was the button I agree and enter your password. All said and done, there are some tricks that can help you connect to the internet with your laptop, phone, and tablet. Some may be new, and some may be old.

Password sharing
For starters, this is one of the undocumented features of macOS High Sierra and iOS. This is a feature that’s only applicable to devices that use these operating systems. This feature allows you to hold a device connected to the internet near another device that’s not connected. Consequently, the first device should be in a position to share the wireless password using the feature with the second device. While this feature looks like magic, it offers you the chance to connect to the internet, or your friend without necessarily typing the passwords. The good thing about this feature is that it helps deal with the network refusal problem for the iOS devices.

Password Free
While the previous feature has addressed problems for people with Apple devices, there is something for people who use window computers and the feature is known as password free. At the same time, the feature can also be used by a number of android devices and even wireless printers. With this feature, you just need to set up a free login option that is referred to as WI-FI Protected Setup. All you have to do to use this feature is to press the WPS button that is usually located on the router. This should then be followed by tapping the same device on the button in question. If things go as planned, the two devices should be able to connect automatically.

Show Password
This is the final process that will help you deal with your Wi-Fi problems. It’s very effective for the people who cannot remember the password of a Wi-Fi network. This technology makes use of nearby devices, and it’s more effective for Windows and Mac devices. It’s not effective for Android and iOS.


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