GameStop Offering Video Game Rental Service


Many people fondly remember visiting their favorite video rental location. Many of these businesses often featured video games available for rent. Unfortunately, the invention of streaming media was a massive hit to video game rental stores across the world. However, it appears that GameStop is looking to revamp the world of video game rentals. Here is more information about GameStop’s new video game rental service known as PowerPass.

Engadget reports that Gamestop will be launching their new PowerPass service on November 19th. Many people know GameStop as a business that provides used video games for sale while letting customers trade in games they currently own. GameStop offers a monthly price for PowerPass that is comparable with many streaming services on the market. However, someone wanting to begin using PowerPass will need to spend $60 for six months of this service versus having a per month option. PowerPass users will need to also be signed up for GameStop’s rewards program.

PowerPass works by allowing someone to visit a local GameStop to find a game for rent. A PowerPass member will be able to rent one video game at a time. After someone brings back their rented game, they will be able to rent another selection. GameStop is planning to offer a feature that ensures PowerPass stands out from other rental services. PowerPass users will be allowed to keep a single game for good at the end of the six month membership period.

In closing, GameStop will be launching its own video game rental service called PowerPass. This new service allows someone to rent video games directly from a local GameStop location. The PowerPass service is available to qualified GameStop customers for a price of $60 for a six-month membership. PowerPass allows someone to rent a single video game for as long as they want. At the end of a six-month PowerPass membership, a customer is allowed to keep a game at no additional charge. Certain industry experts feel that the PowerPass program could work very well for increasing Gamestop’s revenue.

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