Big Tech Companies Must Work Together For This Week At Least


Big tech companies often are at each other’s throats to get as many customers as they possibly can. They know that every person who signs up for a competitor’s service is perhaps one less person who will sign up with them. At the very least, it is a person who will not be spending as much time on their products. However, they are putting a lot of that aside at the moment to confront a bigger issue.

Washington Is Calling

Washington D.C. has come calling on the big tech companies this week. They are wanting answers about what happened regarding advertising from Russian media firms. Those Russian media outlets are being accused of trying to influence the last presidential election. Now, Congress wants to know what the social media websites may have permitted that allowed this whole thing to happen.

The Biggest Names Are Being Called To Task

It is not just smaller social media websites that are involved in this. It is the likes of Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others who are going to have to face questioning on Capitol Hill. They are likely going to share notes with each other so to speak about what to say and what the lawmakers are going to want to know from each of them.

What Changes May Come To The Tech Industry

Congress is having to wrestle with big issues that have sprung up as a result of all of this. They have had to question the very idea of having mega-businesses attached to open forums like Facebook. It seems that this may only lead to the type of corruption that is being charged in this case. The profit motive can be a big factor in how things turn out with a particular business. If that motive is put before the safety of the country, there could be some very big issues.

The Showcase Is Coming This Week

This week is when this could all go down. Facebook executives are set to testify before Congress on Tuesday and Wednesday. They are going to get it all kicked off before the others take the stage as well. They will be the opening act in what could be a very big drama. Considering all of this, more eyes may be on Capitol Hill than usual in the coming week.

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