Amazon Set to Enter Health Industry


Amazon is becoming interested in a host of businesses lately. What has become apparent is that when they set an eye on a certain business, they will crater the stocks of their competitors forcing them to consider other bolder moves such as bold acquisitions and drastic responses. If you want to understand the force of Amazon in getting what they want, ask the grocery businesses, meal-kit as well as home improvement businesses. The latest industry to fall under the eyes of the retail giant is the pharmacy market. This is a business that interests Amazon owing that it has frustrating inefficiencies and huge consumer spending. This has forced a pharmaceutical company known as CVS Health to consider a merger with one of the largest health insurance providers in America known as Aetna. According to people close to the merger, they say that part of the move is geared towards ensuring that they keep Amazon away from the lucrative business. However, former employees of Amazon and several analysts say that the likelihood of the online retail giant to enter the health industry is quite high. What remains unclear is the timing of the move by Amazon and the level of aggressiveness that will be taken by the company.

When it comes to Amazon and the pharmaceutical industry, the term threat can only be overstated. For instance, it was reported on Thursday by the St. Louis post that the company had managed to acquire a number of licenses in different states. The licenses do not limit what the company sells as they permit them to sell other products too. For instance, it was reported that the licenses in Connecticut allow the company to sell wholesale drugs in the area, medical devices as well as cosmetics. As for Louisiana, the company was granted licenses to sell drugs and as a device distributor. These licenses were acquired when the company started selling medical supplies to businesses. For instance, it was revealed by Jefferies analyst known as Brian Tanquilut that these licenses were acquired between the fall of last year and the early months of this year. Lori Torerson is the spokeswoman at Amazon. She said that she would not be commenting on speculation and rumors that her company was entering the drug industry. However, she said that the company requires wholesale licenses that make it possible for the company to sell some of its products to professionals only in these states.

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