Amazon Receive 238 Proposals


Amazon announced two days ago that it had received a total of 238 proposals from cities and municipalities each expressing the desire to have Amazon build their second headquarter in their city. The company further announced that many cities managed to beat the Thursday deadline. The spokesman of the company joked that rather than mentioning the cities that applied for the competition, it’s easier mentioning the ones that didn’t apply. While the company did not release a list of the cities that applied for the competition, it released a heat map detailing the applications. However, there are several states that seemed uninterested in the application according to the heat map such as Hawaii, Arkansas, Vermont, Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota and North Dakota. There were also provinces in Canada that did not make the application such as New Brunswick and Saskatchewan. As for Mexico, there were applications from three states that included Queretaro, Hidalgo as well as Chihuahua. At the end of the report, Amazon mentioned that it had received the applications from 54 states, territories, districts and provinces. Puerto Rico is one of the territories that made the application. The company through their spokesman said that the winner of the competition would be announced next year.

The company announced plans and invited applications on 7th September. The company referred to the project as HQ2.With this project, the company promised to create over 50,000 jobs by investing $5 billion. Areas like Tucson sent Amazon a 21-foot cactus as they tried to lure them. These six weeks also offered amazon free publicity. However, critics in the United States have criticized the company for asking the cities to include tax breaks as well as other incentives in their offers. For instance, the city of Newark, New Jersey has been at the center of attention when the city promised that it would offer the retail giant a tax break of $7 billion. At the same time, there are other cities that decided to go for the other directions. Some like Little Rock, Arkansas created an internet video saying that they didn’t want to bring traffic hassles to their city once Amazon sets its offices in the area. However, there might have been other reasons for the city that is the American headquarter of Walmart, the archrival of Amazon. The funny bit about the city is that it placed an ad on the same in the Washington Post that is owned by Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO.


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