The Spread of Fake News Using Social Media


The recent shooting in Las Vegas brought a new view of how fiction and social media can be quite dangerous. For instance, some few hours after the shooting, news on social media had some captivating theories. Some theories suggested that the police were lying and that there were several shooters in the hotel. Another theory suggested that the casino owner was lying as he tried to preserve the casino’s business. Moments later, digital weeds sprouted spreading a number of political rumors. These rumors suggested that the shooter was anti-Trump while the other side counteracted with claims that the shooter was al-right terrorist. Mr. McKinney says that the rumors were originating from all sides. For instance, he says that he got the same information from 300 to 400 friends with conflicting information. Having worked as a defense contractor and handgun instructor, the expert says that he was sure it was a single shooter. He learned this by listening to the police scanner using an app. Disgruntled by what people were saying, Mr. McKinney decided to counter these comments be jumping to the social media. The next three weeks will see executives of big companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Facebook appear before a congressional committee. During these hearings, the executives will be asked to address the issue of how their platforms were used by Russian hackers to interfere with the US election.

For instance, Facebook came clean last month and said that it had sold the ads for $100,000 to a Russian company. At the same time, Google agreed that it had sold ads worth $4,500 to a Russian government-affiliated company. An endless array of websites and fake accounts were established by agents of the Russian government. Most of the information that was spread through these platforms was geared towards separating the American people. At the same time, the psychology behind the success of these social media platforms is still scanty. It has also beena shown that people who think that they are immune to the fake news are the most vulnerable. According to scientists, the basic filter of online fake news is the skepticism that comes along with the news. However, this is easily bypassed where there is innate bias. Political affiliation is one of the factors that has been said to play a huge role in the spread of fake news. This is also happening in other parts of the globe rather than America.

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