The 5 Factors: Eliminating Belly Fat & Finally Getting Healthy




So you’ve decided to live a healthier lifestyle and are eating a more plant-based diet. You’ve even been working out and are beginning to see great results. There’s only one problem and that’s your pouchy gut.


What are you doing wrong? How can you achieve the results you want to see in your stomach and get those abs sketched out. We submit for your consideration:

Are you exercising and eating a well-balanced diet to no avail in the ab department. Check out these 5 essentials for ab development.

  1. Mind

You must have the proper focus. Fat is difficult to eradicate and the beta fat that lies in your stomach, hips, and thighs is notoriously resilient. You must understand that hard work and dedication all begin in the mind.


Mental health is important. When we’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed out working is a great way of dealing with that negative energy. If you create, develop and nurture good habits they will bear fruit if you apply discipline.


Only you can control your health and if you’re expecting it to be easy then you’ll never get healthy. What should you do when you lose the desire to work out? Get motivating music and watch videos on YouTube to kindle the fire of fitness in you.


If you miss one day, don’t give up, and don’t over do it the next session. Just start back up and chant the mantra “Health Is Wealth For Life” and start working out. Don’t wait, start right now with 20 jump jacks.


  1. Diet

Abandon the mind state of it being a diet. This must be a life change and a new way of life. Not something that you only do for a couple of weeks.


A sweet tooth equals death then that sweet is sugar. Leave sugar alone and watch your carbohydrate intake. Eat more leafy green vegetables. There is no such thing as too much vegetables.


Protein is an essential component of a proper diet. Don’t be limited to just protein from meat. There are a lot of potent sources for protein like black beans.


Nutrisystem cost while a little bit higher, is a great option for those looking for help in starting out on the right path. They currently offer over 120 different foods with the right blend of high protein, vegetables, and zero trans fat.


  1. Workout

Your workout program is important. There are tons and tons of different work out gurus, plans, and videos out there. Take your time and ask around among your family and friends. Go to a gym and talk to the instructors. A lot of them have great beginner classes and even one on one training.


Improper exercises and/or poor execution of exercises will affect your results. Research and experiment with various exercises until you find the one that best fits your fitness level and ability. And as you progress transition into more complex workouts.

Make sure that you don’t over do it.


We can be overzealous in our pursuit of health. Take your time remember this isn’t a fad this is a new way of life. Go slow and if you feel any kind of discomfort stop exercising. Listen to your body and with time you can achieve whatever your mind con conceive in the realm of physical fitness. Incorporate some sort of physical fitness into your life at least 3 times a week for a minimum of 45 minutes.


  1. Rest & Recovery (sleep)

An important part of the health process is sleep so that the body may heal itself and become stronger. Make sure you follow this regime:

*Make sure to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night

*Do not to eat or drink late (especially coffee)

*Turn off your t.v., unplug from the internet, and eliminate distractions

*Nap (Sleep is a vital part of weight loss)

*Listen to some soothing sounds while you sleep like rain or classical music


  1. Track Your Progress & Level Up

Track your growth and set goals, both short and long-term. Add to your program periodically and methodically and you’ll see your level of fitness elevate. Print out a check list and put it on your wall.


It’s really a combination of both diet and exercise and always consider factors like age and the shape your in. But in with hard work and dedication, you’ll achieve not only the body you want but a better overall life.


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