Microsoft Pushes Major Xbox One Update with a Quicker Dashboard


Nothing is more exciting than updating your Xbox and using a new dashboard. Thanks to the Xbox team over at Microsoft, gamers all around the world will be experiencing just that. Most Xbox One players can agree that the original dashboard shipped with the release of One felt a bit sluggish. Microsoft gathered feedback and did what they felt was best to improve the overall experience for fans. Today, the Xbox One dashboard has taken a leap toward the perfect dashboard.

Once again, Microsoft has decided to utilize the guide in a horizontal orientation. Switching between different sections is easy using the two Xbox controller bumpers or left thumbstick and d-pad. Sections of the new and improved guide include sign-in, achievements, parties / looking for group, friends, home, messages, broadcasts, and the action center. The action center is brand new to the guide, and users can find now find their settings page here. Navigation of the guide is noticeably quicker than the previous edition of the Xbox One dashboard.

Unfortunately, while the overall guide feels a bit more fluid, getting to your friends list still feels a bit of hassle still. You can find a quick look at online avatars in the friends tab, but to get more information or to contact your friends you need to take an extra step in the menus. It seems as if this update is meant to force players to explore the menu interface more, but the overall speed improvements make it well worth it.

Players can also look forward to the new home interface. In addition to being able to pin games and apps to the home section, you can now add pins of your favorite friends to avoid navigating the friends menu. Pinned games will show their activity feeds and indicate if you have any friends playing right now.

Of course, Microsoft wouldn’t do all of this without a new light theme for the dashboard. If you enjoyed the Xbox 360 GUI, then this will definitely trigger nostalgic feelings of the lighter elements of the Xbox 360 home menu. OLED TV players will be glad to know that Microsoft is working on the screen-dimming feature to avoid the much despised screen ghosting. Notifications for the Xbox idle mode will now appear.

It’s clear that this new dashboard is a preview of Microsoft’s new console, the Xbox One X. Transferring games to an external drive can be easily done with the new dashboard, or even copying a game over to another console within the same home network. The new dashboard even allows you to download Xbox One X exclusive 4K content to have ready for the One X release. Streamers and YouTubers will also be pleased to hear about the updated 4K/HDR screenshot and game clip support, as well as USB webcam support for streaming on Mixer.

Xbox One and Xbox One S console owners will be able to use the new dashboard starting today, with a promise from Microsoft stating “more great features” will come soon for Xbox Insider testers.


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