How Jason Hope Inspires Technology Development and Encourages Biotech Advances in Arizona


Arizona recently staked its claim to the mantle that Silicon Valley has long owned–the acknowledged home to the most creative IT development and technology companies. Jason Hope, an Arizona entrepreneur, philanthropist, healthcare technology investor, cheerleader for the Internet of Things and futurist, wholeheartedly supports Arizona’s cultivation of tech industries. Hope’s positions and politics mesh well with Arizona government’s development strategies and policies, which include actively seeking to bring technology manufacturers to the state. The effort is obviously working well because Arizona’s bursting tech industry is providing hundreds of thousands of high-paying jobs in a state that was facing an economic crisis just a few years ago.

The state has been working in collaborative partnerships with high-tech industry for years to make Arizona attractive for startups, IT technology, IoT manufacturers and the rapidly growing biotech industry. Five Arizona companies appeared recently on Deloitte’s annual ranking of the top technology companies in the country. These included SiteLock, Nextiva, Ulthera, Inc., Lifelock, Inc. and GPS Insight. A few examples of startups and expanded corporate facilities for tech companies in Arizona include:


  • This Denver-based computer-coding facility opened a Phoenix campus, which should supply skilled technicians to meet the state’s rapidly accelerating needs.


  • This San Francisco app developer is expanding to Phoenix. A company spokesperson cited the state’s talented workforce, proximity to Phoenix cosmopolitan resources and the state’s reputation as a startup and tech community as important factors in choosing the area.


  • This technology company out of Redwood City, California, moved its marketing headquarters to Phoenix in the latter part of 2015.

Grand Canyon University

  • This central Phoenix facility offers undergraduate programs that focus on tech education.


  • This Web-hosting company in Scottsdale enables startup companies to contract with a local company to grow their businesses.


  • Apple recently opened a data center in Mesa. This is the tech giant’s first corporate center outside of California.

JDA Software

  • This Scottsdale company develops software for retail companies and supply chains.

Kudelski Group

  • This Global cybersecurity company is opening its North American headquarters in Phoenix.

RJR Technologies, Inc.

  • This semiconductor packaging company is opening new headquarters in Phoenix.

Arizona is well-known for the high quality of its workforce because the state ranks second in the country for this benchmark. The state ranks first in higher education degree opportunities. An available workforce that’s highly skilled and happy with the local weather and environment offers the prospect of long-term employee loyalty, which is increasingly rare in the tech industry. This is an attractive benefit for tech companies that’s impossible to overvalue. The state supports tech development with initiatives such as the Arizona Innovation Challenge, which awards $3 million annually to entrepreneurs who develop technology-based solutions to real-world problems. Other state-sponsored initiatives include the Marketing Technology Summit, Cybersecurity Summit, Technology and Business Expo, CEO retreat and the Governor’s Celebration of Innovation, an annual awards event.

Jason Hope also does his part to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs and startups in Arizona by supporting educational programs in the state, providing charitable support for philanthropic causes–especially those that focus on curing disease–and looking out constantly for new ideas, innovative entrepreneurs and projects and organizations that support his politics and preferred causes. Hope acknowledges that it’s difficult to nurture an idea through the steps it takes to become a workable business, so he tries to assist business owners and smart students by investing, offering grants and guiding them.

Officials in Arizona Work Tirelessly to Boost the State’s Technology Appeal

Arizona has quickly earned a stellar reputation among high-tech companies throughout the country because of the state’s support for technology, its collaborative approach with business leaders, the large tracts of available land at relatively low costs, the state’s high standard of living and the fact that Arizona has the nation’s highest job growth rate. The state also provides 75 business incubators, co-working spaces and accelerators around the state, which makes it extraordinarily attractive to entrepreneurs and startup businesses. The state’s universities have increased their funding of research and development by 25 percent in the years between 2008 and 2014. Investors also favor the state, and many high-profile investors live in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area including Jason Hope.

Phoenix is rapidly becoming a cosmopolitan tech hub where technicians can enjoy a high quality of life among like-minded engineers and IT specialists. Unlike other large cities in the United States, the Phoenix area still enjoys a reasonable cost of living, and local high-paying jobs ensure that tech support staff can live comfortably on their salaries. As Arizona continues to add non-farm jobs–28,800 in September according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics–the skilled workforce creates a greater demand for housing, entertainment and other services.

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About Jason Hope

Jason Hope started his first company, Jawa, is a mobile communications company that he expanded into partnerships with other technology companies. Today, he tends to invest in a range of startups, established companies and biotechnology firms. Hope’s major income-generating businesses include marketing services, search engine optimization strategies for digital marketers and business information systems. Hope supports community-based causes, humanitarian aid, biotechnology efforts to cure disease and the local communities of Arizona. Hope’s favorite cause, according to the following quote, is medical research: “I am most passionate about furthering the research into anti-aging through preventive measures. I was impressed with the efforts of the SENS Foundation from the beginning and I knew that I had to help. While most organizations focus on curing disease, SENS Foundation goes beyond treatment and uses technology to slow down or reverse the aging process.”

Hope comments freely on his philosophy and work ethic: “My work in technology targets a variety of avenues in research and development. Developing mobile apps, desktop software, gaming software and devices that embrace connectivity and the power of technology to improve the human condition and bring a little more ease and enjoyment to daily life.” Hope supports Arizona’s long-term strategic plans to attract high-tech companies and biomedical organizations. He offers college students and seniors in high school grants to ignite creative business ideas and encourage the development of high-tech products. Hope passionately supports the Internet of Things, or Internet-connected gadgets, that he believes can improve quality-of-life issues, make lives easier, save resources and automate everyday processes to an extraordinary degree. These devices include city-maintained devices like streetlights, kitchen appliances, thermostat controls and other electronic devices. Hope hopes for a world where all devices can communicate with each other, monitor health, reduce energy consumption and connect with phones so that people can monitor their environments 24/7.



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