The Importance of Junior Mentors in an Organization


Back in the day, junior office workers had the most predictable schedules. They would report to the office, write a sales memo followed by the creation of the PowerPoint. They would then finish their tasks with making coffee. However, young professionals have hard tasks than before as they have to drag their bosses to the 21 century. There is the need for businesses to go after evanescent market trends in order to solidify their position in tomorrow’s markets. This has led to the rise of millennial mentors, and they have turned to hot executives in the corporate world. As a matter of fact, young workers are being employed by companies to offer advice to the old high ranking officials. This includes graduates fresh from college. The reasoning behind millennial mentorship may vary from one company to the other. For instance, some companies hire these young people to ensure that young people views are used in marketing their products or developing new products. Some companies want the feel of a glorified technology support that resembles what is described by emoji lessons, Twitter tutorials or Snapchat 101. This is an approach that is supposed to show the world that the traditional top-down management is no longer in use.

At the same time, it’s an indication that top executives are perplexed by the thinking of the young people. Some of the companies to have experimented these systems include Mars Inc., Cisco Systems as well as MasterCard. Another person who has been inspired by her junior mentor is Lloyds London chief executive officer Inga Beale. At the age of 54, he has a junior mentor who is 19. The mentor has helped him develop a different perspective on a number of issues. SoulCycle chief executive Melanie Whelan says that he has a junior mentor who she meets on a regular basis to understand what’s happening with the young people nowadays. Deutsche Bank managing director David Watson, 38 years at the moment described junior mentors as a way of reconnecting with your lost youth. As for Mr. Watson, he says that he is being mentored by a 29-year-old engineer from the Wall Street known as Fernando Hernandez. For instance, the managing director says that he learned tips on how to retain employees from the young engineer. He said that the engineer talked to him about the importance of letting his workers work from homes. He terms it as valuable information.

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