Women Continue to Condemn Sexual Harassment


After the alleged inappropriate sexual advancement and assaults to women, Harvey Weinstein has had critics from right, left and center. Rose McGowan is one fierce critic of the film producer. Out of her criticism, Twitter resulted in closing her account. The action did not augur well with activists, celebrities as well as journalists. They resulted to boycotting Twitter on Friday. Those who took part in the boycott signified their participation using the hashtag #WomenBoycottTwitter. Several people popularized the campaign, Heidi Moore being on the forefront. She said that Friday the 13th day of October seemed to be an excellent day to boycott.

The call to the boycott was well received as Twitter users across the country showed their support for Ms. McGowan and expressing their discontentment with the issue of women being harassed online. The protest was however not approved by every person. Ava DuVernay was of the opinion that upon the discrimination of minority women, such an immense support is not accorded to them. She criticized the Hollywood move to try and call on women of color to support the boycott even when they have not been supported when similar issues happened to them.

Ms. McGowan revealed the news of her Twitter account being blocked on Wednesday, for arguably violating its terms of service. Twitter said that it froze Ms. McGowan’s account because she had a message that included a private phone number, which is not in line with its terms of service. The account was unlocked by Thursday and the message in contention deleted. Rose McGowan would later share a tweet saying that HW had raped her. She tagged Jeff Bezos the chief executive officer of Amazon to this post. Alyssa Milano, Debra Messing, Anna Paquin and Mark Ruffalo are just some of the renowned people who took part in the Twitter boycott.

Some users saw keeping quite as a wrong way of expressing themselves. Susy Tobin, for instance, said that she would not boycott Twitter since she wanted to be heard. She revealed that she is a victim of sexual harassment. She wanted to support women who have been demeaned and encourage them to speak out. For the time over, it has proven a difficult task for Twitter to balance content on its platform, amid the principles instituted on free speech. It has been scrutinized by various people among them lawmakers who feel that it was used in an attempt to influence the elections in 2016.

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