New Games With Gold Lineup Released for October


There is something incredibly satisfying about getting a video game for free and that is what the team at Microsoft was tapping into with their Games With Gold reward system. Every month Xbox Live members get access to a string of free titles for download through the program. The month of October was, of course, no different and the selections were diverse and high in quality. The Games With Gold lineup for the Xbox One and the Xbox 360 featured five new titles that deserve a closer look and examination.

Xbox One Titles
In terms of new titles for the Xbox One users will be able to get a hold of ‘Gone Home’ from October 1st to October 31. ‘Gome Home’ is a first-person title developed by The Fullbright Company and Midnight City. The game is set in 1995 and features your character exploring a sprawling home in Portland, OR as you interact with objects in order to reveal a greater mystery within the home. Next up is a title called ‘The Turing Test’ which will be available from October 16th until November 15th. ‘The Turing Test’ is a puzzle-based, first-person title that follows Ava Turing of the International Space Agency as she works at a research facility on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. Fans have lauded ‘The Turing Test’ for its unique take on the puzzler system as well as its unique story mode that bucks conventions of the puzzler genre. The third and final title is ‘Oxenfree’ which was developed by Night School Studio back in 2016. ‘Oxenfree’ is a 2.5D action/platformer that is single-player and revolves around a deep and immersive story-driven dialogue system.

Xbox 360 Titles
Every month the Games With Gold program also gives users access to a pair of classic Xbox 360 titles. This month ‘Medal of Honor: Airborne’ and ‘Rayman 3 HD’ were the titles to be chosen. ‘Rayman 3 HD’ is a remastering of the classic platforming title featuring the titular character, Rayman. ‘Rayman 3’ was originally released back in 2003 and it looks better than ever in its remastered glory. ‘Medal of Honor: Airborne’ will be available from October 16th until October 31. This is another first-person shooter in the legendary ‘Medal of Honor’ series. ‘Airborne’ was first released back in 2007 by DICE Los Angeles and it received mostly positive reviews through the series has since moved away from the concept in recent years.

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