Video Games are Helping People with Brain Conditions


Many people love the fun had when playing one of their favorite video games. Technology has enabled video games to take players to detailed and fun environments. Unfortunately, many people with neurological conditions have difficulties completing tasks that people take for granted. Experts in the field of treating neurological disorders are looking at video games as a potential treatment method. In this post, you’ll learn more about how video game therapy is helping people suffering from neurological disorders.

Video games have become far more accessible now than they were 20 years ago. The attitude of people regarding gaming has changed thanks to the Nintendo Wii. Many pure gamers disregard the Wii but this console did help to bring gaming to older family members.
Video games have been known to help improve hand to eye coordination and memory skills. Many studies have found that playing video games releases chemicals that make people feel happy. Medical professionals administering video game therapy feel that it gives patients another benefit, an increase in confidence. It’s understandable that using video games to complete tasks helps make patients feel proud.

One advantage of using video games as treatment is the virtual environment. If a patient drops a cup of water in the real world it causes a mess. Patients picking up items in a virtual world don’t feel the same embarrassment if an item drops from their hands. Professionals that are administering this form of video game treatment report that results continue to improve after multiple treatments. An ABC affiliate station out of Ohio reports that medical professionals are pushing for new virtual worlds to be created for patients.

In summary, new forms of treatment are being administered to those suffering from neurological disorders. This treatment involves the use of various video games. Patients use video games to help improve brain function as well as completing series of activities. Video games have become much more life-like in recent years. The technology behind video games now allows players to interact more in virtual worlds than ever before. Medical professionals are optimistic that video games will continue to evolve. Many are hoping that a special video game console will be created for those suffering from neurological conditions to use at home.

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