Why NuoDB Is Perfect for Businesses Storing Data in the Cloud


Data has become more important than ever before for businesses seeking to compete in the modern world. Businesses use data to make decisions about almost all aspects of their operations because this information helps to reduce uncertainty when choosing between alternatives. When historical data can be used to quantify the value of a decision, businesses can improve their planning capabilities while offering more value to their customers. In order to utilize data in an effective way, businesses must make their data available to all stakeholders so that it can be used to drive decision-making in all areas. Data accessibility is, therefore, a critical consideration for businesses of any size in today’s world.

Cloud Computing

The traditional computing paradigm has users store their data on local workstations. Local storage is simple to use, but it is problematic when attempting to share it with other people in an organization. Cloud computing solves logistical problems with data sharing by having users store their data in a centralized data facility over the Internet. Data can be easily accessed at any location from any device when it is stored in the cloud. Cloud computing also makes it easier for users to get work done since they can access their data from multiple devices without having to worry about transferring files. In most cases, cloud computing is the most convenient and efficient option for storing business data.

Advantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is advantageous for businesses because it increases the value of data while reducing the cost of computing resources. When data can be accessed from one location, stakeholders can find the information they need to make a decision without having to request manual file transfers from other users. Data that is stored in the cloud can rely on master files, so users do not have to worry about accessing outdated information. Cloud storage is also more reliable than traditional local storage since most cloud service providers automatically back up files. If users lose their laptop or forget it at home, they can use any other device at the office to resume their work.

Storing Data in the Cloud

Most cloud service providers enable users to store their data in the cloud as though they are accessing a local drive. However, saving a file in a cloud storage drive will upload an additional copy to the cloud storage service. Some files can be stored in separate data facilities around the world, but this makes no difference to users because they see all of their files as though they are in one place. The ability to access data from any location over the Internet makes cloud storage ideal for international businesses that need to access their information from anywhere in the world.

Using Cloud Databases

Cloud storage can be highly scalable because businesses can increase or decrease the amount of storage space they have available in only a few minutes using their service provider’s control panel. Unfortunately, modifying the amount of available storage space can be problematic when working with big databases since manual development work can be necessary to ensure compatibility. Traditional relational database management systems, such as Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server, are difficult to scale without manual development work. Other cloud database options, such as NoSQL and NewSQL, simplify the scaling process at the cost of reduced performance.


The best relational database management system for businesses seeking to store their data in the cloud is NuoDB because it offers simplified scaling without sacrificing performance. Businesses that use NuoDB can, therefore, enjoy the benefits of greater agility, lower cost, and less unplanned outages.

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