Google Home Mini All Set To Hit Shelves This October


Earlier this week Google unveiled two versions of Google Home speakers: the Max and the Mini. While Max is expected to come out in December this year, Mini is going to hit the shelves this very month. This article will detail more on the features of Mini and its pros and cons.

The voice-activated, puck-sized speaker smart speaker, which allows the user to ask for information, stream music, control other gadgets and make phone calls has been priced at $50. The speaker has a minimalistic design and is made from plastic and fabric with no buttons save a slider which is used to mute the microphone.

To wake it up, the user has just to say “OK Google” and follow it with a command. It gives the user the power of internet just a command away with Google Assistant to follow these commands right away.

Features of Mini

Here are some features useful to know –

  • Speakers have 360 sound and 40mm driver
  • Microphones have far-field voice recognition enabling hands-free usage
  • Google Assistant enabled
  • Chromecast audio support
  • Supports various music services like Google Play, Pandora, YouTube, Spotify Premium, etc
  • Offers third-party developer support
  • No physical buttons except for a slider has LED enabled touch controls
  • Offers WiFi, Bluetooth, and Chromecast connectivity
  • Weighs 6.10 ounces
  • Dimensions – 3.86 in diameter x 1.65 in height

Google’s Mini is all set to compete with existing smart speakers in this price range like Amazon’s Echo Dot and Sonos Play 1.

The good about Mini

The lightweight and stylish, the smart speaker comes with stunning sound quality, especially given its size. It is enabled with Google Assistant which means the user can look for answers to a wide variety of questions. It is affordable as well.

The bad about Mini

Google is a little late entering into the smart speaker market for this price range. There’s not much that Google Home Mini can do which Alexa cannot. It also lacks a 3.5mm jack output. The user cannot connect it to existing speakers unless they spend some more on another gadget and buy a Chromecast dongle.

With Amazon Echo Dot already there, the Google Home Mini doesn’t bring much to the table. Also, it is a no-brainer for people who have been using Google Home. For those who have invested too much in Google’s online services, there might be a legit reason to buy Google Home Mini.

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