“Incorporating Technology in the Hiring Process”


The hiring process is a critical process that different firms carry out. It will determine whether you will find the best people for the position that you are looking to fill. Recruiting the best people will ensure that your organization will be successful. Finding the best people for the position entails comparing different factors at a go. It is the reason why most human resource departments are finding it hard to get the process right. Some companies have gone out and incorporated the use of technology in the hiring process, optimistic that it will bring better results.

Some companies have specialized in developing software for the use in the hiring process. They incorporated neurosciences and Artificial Intelligence in games to help corporations understand the emotional and cognitive characteristics that will make an individual successful in their careers. After that, the software can match the people to those roles.

It is amazing that these companies make their software to be sensitive to gender. They do this by adjusting inputs to ensure that people of different genders get them similar scores in similar situations. They do the same for the different ethnic backgrounds.

However, in the use of technology the concept of ‘Garbage In Garbage Out’ still applies. The data that the developer uses to teach the hiring algorithm is critical. If there is bias in the data, the algorithm will learn the bias. It will then apply the bias during the hiring process. The error has serious consequences to the organization. First, if the employees denied the employment opportunity because of the presence of the bias can sue the organization. As you know, this discrimination during employment lawsuits can be very expensive. Second, the organization will end up with employees who cannot perform the roles in the positions. It will have a negative impact on their productivity and that of the organization.

However, with the ever-increasing number of scientists moving into the Human Resource functions, the possibility of this happening is reducing. Incorporating technology in the hiring process is the only way of having a hiring process free from human bias. It will be bling to all these discriminating factors. It will hire and promote people by the ability that they possess. The results will be good for both the employee and the business.

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