‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ Trailer Leaks, Internet Goes Wild


Rockstar is one of the most prolific video game production companies in the world and their biggest hit, at least in our opinion, is that of the open-world western ‘Red Dead Redemption’. ‘Red Dead Redemption’ released in 2010 for Xbox and PS3 and it immediately became a cult classic. The story followed John Marston and his adventures within the town of Armadillo. Now, almost seven years later, Rockstar is back with a sequel that fans have been clamoring after for years. Rockstar unloaded the latest story trailer just this week and with it new details finally came to light.

The story trailer that was released revealed that ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ will be going back in time before the story of John Marston. This title serves as a prequel and it will follow a new character, never before hinted at, named Arthur Morgan. Morgan is a member of the Dutch Van Der Linde gang. Morgan feels completely different than John Marston in that he is meaner, cleaner, and still proud enough to take on the world. We also took from the trailer that he had to have vanished before John Marston’s story as Morgan is never mentioned in the original RDR storyline despite the appearance of the Dutch Van Der Linde gang.

Rockstar has been sitting idly for the past five years since their last title was released, ‘GTA 5’. We have to figure that the team at Rockstar has been working hard developing RDR2 into the game that fans want it to be. So far from what fans can glean from the trailer Rockstar may have just outdone themselves. The trailer showcases a host of new features and techniques such as dual wielding guns as well as a character wielding a bow and arrow. The game is set a little further east than ‘Red Dead Redemption’ so we expect to see things more reminiscent of that culture involved in the title. In terms of new gameplay elements the story trailer hinted that ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ would feature more heist oriented missions. It’s a good bet that there will also be new enhancements to the online multiplayer to get gamers excited and ready to play.

As of right now Rockstar still hasn’t updated their release date for the game but that hasn’t stopped fans from hypothesizing on the game and what new elements will be introduced in terms of the growth of Arthur Morgan.

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