Controlling Fake News with Google


David North works for the World Socialist Web Site as the editorial chairman. He recently talked about how he discovered a drop in the website traffic. He thought that this might have been caused by a shift in political consciousness or the election of Donald Trump as president. However, Mr. North says that he got a clear explanation when he dug the numbers from Google. He discovered that Google could not redirect queries to his website. By doing another study, he also discovered that the top search terms that directed people to the website were not working. He later concluded that this might be deliberate intervention by Google and said that this was not an accident. In the past, stories that Google was interfering with searches was a common thing. However, this is a subject that has taken a new turn following the use of fake news to interfere with the US elections. At the same time, the rise of extremist groups such as white supremacists and white nationalists have made Google and other search engines to up their game. Just some four months ago, Google announced that it would be introducing an initiative referred to as Project Owl. This is a project that would help the company deal with fake news and remove authoritative content from the internet.

Some people saw this as an uncomfortable step by the company as it tries to establish itself as a trustworthy news source. iQuanti search strategist known as Michael Bertini says that Google is skating on thin ice. He says that the company is having control over what other people see. In the process, they get to remove what they see as fake news. Michael Bertini feels that this is a biased move. Since time immemorial, Google has always insisted that their search algorithm undergoes a rigorous testing process that enables the company to display information that is not racial, political or ethnic biased. There are calls from all corners of the country to regulate tech companies including Google. This will force these giants including Google to disclose publicly how they arrive at their search results. At the moment, millions of people will tell you that they have no clue about how search engines by Google work. How does its algorithm choose top results while there are billions of same results? During this whole debate, Google has hidden its mathematical formulae on how it arrives at its results.

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