Todd Lubar on How to be A Well-rounded Leader


When people ask me what they need to do to become a better leader, Todd Lubar usually outlines the qualities that make the most powerful leaders for them. You must become someone that others trust, respect and want to emulate. These are some of the top qualities of well-rounded leaders.



  1. Honesty

This is the most important quality. It will gain you respect and trust from the people around you. It will also garner the respect of people in your industry. Encourage your workers to be honest communicators and to be open. Help build a workplace culture of transparency on all levels.



  1. Empowerment

While it is important for you to be empowered, you also have to be someone who empowers others. The saying that too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth is sometimes thrown around when referring to a company full of leaders. You can all be leaders by your actions if you have a cohesive culture and share strong core values. Empowering others to be autonomous to some degree also helps them feel like they belong, and workers who feel like they belong are more likely to be invested in their own success as well as the company’s success.



  1. Delegation

You may be a superhero who can do it all yourself. However, you still need to delegate tasks. In addition to building a more cohesive team, your delegation will help reinforce your role as a leader. As you delegate duties, be sure to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your team members. By capitalizing on their strengths, you will have a more productive workforce.



  1. Listening

You can learn something new every day if you listen to your employees and customers. Encourage workers to come to you with any concerns or suggestions for improvement. With an open-door policy, your workers are more likely to come to you with those concerns. You can hold regular meetings where you ask for their input. Let them know that there is no retribution for voicing complaints. Find ways to reward employees for their input. As your workplace changes and evolves to address common problems, you will have a happier and more productive team.



  1. Communication

Be a clear communicator. Think about what you need to accomplish as a team. Find a few different ways to convey it with paraphrasing. While one person may understand what you are saying when you say it one way, another person may not. You can also question employees to be sure that they understand the team’s objectives. Encourage frequent communication between workers to keep everything running optimally.



  1. Commitment

If you are not committed to your goals and the company’s success, your workers will not be committed. For them to work hard, they have to see that you are working hard. Pitch in when you are needed. Workers may see their leader as someone who only delegates but does not participate in everyday operations. If you help out with other tasks, your workers will be more helpful as well.



  1. Confidence

Every leader will have feelings of worry, panic and anxiety from time to time. When there are tough tasks at hand or hard times ahead, do not break down in front of your workers. They may start to worry about their job security, and those feelings can spiral into a reduced effort. When that becomes a widespread problem, your biggest worries will become realities. Always maintain a positive attitude and confidence that you will succeed through any hardship.



  1. Innovation

When challenges arise on any level, how you handle them can make or break your company. You have to know how to take challenges, use innovation and come up with solutions that will grow your company. One good example is what we know as the Play-Doh company today. Many decades ago, the company manufactured a dough-like wallpaper cleaner that removed coal soot from interior walls. As coal-burning stoves were replaced by gas, oil and electric stoves, the company was set to close. A teacher let her students play with the nontoxic cleaner, and they enjoyed it. That sparked a new idea to re-brand the product and save the company. The former cleaning company re-branded as Play-Doh, added fun colors to appeal to kids and is still surviving today by selling its timeless playtime product.


Make a conscious effort every day to follow these steps. By doing that, you will see that leadership becomes a beneficial habit.



About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar holds the position of President at TDL Global Ventures and also serves as Vice President at Legendary Investments. He resides in Bethesda, Maryland. As a renowned real estate entrepreneur, Lubar enjoys connecting buyers with the perfect homes. He especially enjoys helping buyers overcome some of the biggest barriers that keep people from home ownership. Todd used his instincts and innovation to thrive and become even more successful during the recession of the 2000s.


With over 25 years of real estate experience, Todd has been named a top mortgage originator for several years in a row. Todd also has experience in other industries. He has worked in entertainment and mortgage banking. Today, Todd enjoys helping other entrepreneurs succeed by mentoring them. Although he is busy achieving career goals, he spends plenty of time with his children.

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