Super Mario Odyssey Continues to Impress in Lead Up to Launch


Nintendo has been making unreal headway over the past year with the development of their new flagship hybrid console, the Nintendo Switch. With sales skyrocketing and projections reaching historic numbers, gamers are more than ready to take a look at what could be the next flagship Nintendo title: ‘Super Mario Odyssey’. Fans have been clamoring to see the latest core Mario title for awhile now and we are getting ever closer to a release. Fortunately early returns of the game have been glowing in review and people have gone so far as to call it a return to the greatness of ‘Super Mario Galaxy’ and ‘Sunshine’. Let’s dig into what has fans so inspired by the ‘Odyssey’ demo that is making its rounds.

So, for the ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ demo that is going around there are two kingdoms that are available to play: Luncheon Kingdom and Seaside Kingdom. These two levels have showcased everything that we’ve grown to love about Mario in a tight package that is reminiscent of the titles we listed above. These Kingdoms were vibrant with color, distinct in style, and completely unique when compared to one another. There were massive swathes of water, various walls to jump and climb, and huge roaming 3D worlds to make your own. The game is being considered one of the most beautiful games in Nintendo’s complete library and fans are already praising the Nintendo Switch for elevating such a classic and iconic figure.

One of the most important aspects of a 3D Mario title is the controls. 3D platformers can be notoriously tricky for the most skilled and seasoned of gamers. What has been revealed thus far by review teams is that Mario’s actions are as acrobatic, limber, and easy to access than ever. Control elements from the various items in the game also play out well in action. A notable highlight is the Mario Cap which allows players to take over and possess enemy NPCs in the game. The Hammer Bro costume also works and is a true joy to utilize.

One of the most consistent compliments that ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ has been handed out is that it is a true open world experience, at least in comparison to the rest of the Mario titles. There is a sense of freedom that ‘Super Mario Odyssey’ gives off that no other Mario title has given and that is something to be excited for.

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