Waymo and Intel Are Teaming up to Build Self-Driving Cars


There has been a lot written in the news about self-driving cars. It is estimated that this industry will eventually generate $7 billion. Therefore, it is not surprising that many companies around the world want to get involved in it. Alphabet has a division called Waymo that are specifically focused on designing a car that can drive by itself. They are teaming up with Intel to achieve this goal. Waymo has already installed their self-driving tech into minivans that are made by Chrysler. This deal follows Waymo agreeing to oversee the self-driving vehicles that are owned by the rental company Avis.

Tesla is the only major auto company that has decided to try to make their own self-driving cars. Other auto makers are preferring to team up with tech and software companies that will hopefully be able to beat their competitors in the race to develop the AI necessary to drive cars safely. The partnership between Waymo and Intel is one that has been rumored for a long time. The massive resources of both companies make them a likely candidate to be the leader in the self-driving industry. However, it will still be many years until self-driving cars are seen on roads all over the world.

It is very understandable that many people are very nervous about the idea of riding in a car that is being driven by artificial intelligence. This is bound to be one of the biggest stumbling blocks that the industry is going to need to overcome if it is ever going to take off. There will also need to be years worth of government tests to prove that self-driving cars are safe enough to be on the road. It will be a long time until a company is actually able to make money with self-driving tech. However, companies do not seem shy about spending money in this area.

Waymo is the most advanced in terms of the companies that are involved in the development of self-driving tech. They have been one of the leaders since day one. This is why Intel believes they will be a perfect match. Intel will be able to hit the ground running because Waymo already has so much usable self-driving tech that they have developed on their own. It will be interesting to see what these two companies can come up with. Self-driving cars might be here before we know it.

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